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Do you have a rewards, points, or VIP prorgram available for good customers and frequent purchasers of your e-cigarette products?

Author: ProSmoke Electronic Cigarettes Views: 9416 Created: 04/09/2013 11:30 pm 100 Rating/ 1 Voters

We have one of the best e-cigarette rewards available in the industry!  Its simple, easy, and brought to you by ProSmoke Electronic Cigarettes.

shop electronic cigarettes for rewards





Earning points is totally painless and automatic duringyour e-cigarette shopping process! Simply shop in our online store tobegin earning Points from each transaction you make. 

Earn rewards on electronic cigarettes





Every time you make a purchase through ProSmoke, you earnrewards Points. You can also earn points by referring friends, postinghonest online reviews of your positive experience with ProSmoke, andmore. 

redeem points for electronic cigarette products





Your points can be used towards any purchase on our storeat any time. There is no restrictions, no weird requirements like ourcompetitors, and no confusion!  Buy, Earn and Save!

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How does the point system work?

Spend 1 dollar and earn 1 point.
50 points is equal to 1 dollar. 

So a customer purchase a Deluxe Starter Kit and one extra accessorywould receive about 120 points and a few dollars off of their nextpurchase.  Just for being a valued ProSmoke customer and enjoying the #1rated electronic cigarette products available!

You can see your point balance any time by clicking here.


Can I earn points in other ways?

Reviews - Earn 10 points automatically by sharing an review you haveposted online of your experience with the ProSmoke.  This can be ontechnology websites, e-cigarette review websites and more.  Simply sendthe link of your already posted review to customer support by clicking here. Please note that although we love to see customers share 100% positivereviews, this is not required and we encourage only honest reviews ofyour experience to hopefully give others the information and comfortthey need to take the same step you have and purchase the ProSmokee-cigarette system.


How do I redeem my points at checkout?

Redeeming points works just like a coupon and is very simple toapply. towards your purchase.  When ready to complete your purchase, youcan enter the amount of points you wish to use towards the purchase.When you click the APPLY POINTS button, it discounts the properly valueof the points and discounts that amount from the purchase.  Sincecoupons and points cannot be combined on purchases, you can simplyproceed with the checkout and pay using your major credit card.  

Its simple, its quick, and it saves our customers a lot of money just for being a loyal ProSmoke patron!


Please note disposable e-cigarette products are not eligible to earn points for rewards.

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