Propylene Glycol in E-Cigarettes – Is PG Dangerous to Inhale Or Safe?

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What is Propylene Glycol and does ProSmoke contain it?

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Multiple liquid types, including PG and VG, are used successfully in the industry with absolutely no issues to date. Thorough FDA and Independent testing have not been performed on the inhalation safety of Propylene glycol (or VG). The use of PG does have limited reports of negative side effects. These are typically allergic reactions to PG and can include nausea, discomfort, and dizziness. This has unnecessarily caused an increased concern for all e-cigarette ingredients, especially PG.  Industry reviews indicate a higher frequency of adverse reactions to PG when compared to VG, however, the majority of users experience no negative effects whatsoever.  You should always consult your physician if you have any concerns or questions about using any electronic cigarette or nicotine products.

Some of our products, such as the disposable electronic cigarettes, automatically contain small amounts of PG in the flavorings in order to extend the shelf life of products in the retail environment.

ProSmoke does not use Propylene Glycol as the main base of any of our products. We use Vegetable Glycerin as a substitute for Propylene Glycol base, which we consider to be a better product while continuing to give superior performance, flavor and vapor production.  Although some specific products might contain some PG in the flavoring naturally, the base will always be Vegetable Liquid. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of research have gone into making the ProSmoke solution the best on the market!  In comparison to PG base, a VG base produces more vapor and does not irritate your throat while still giving you a great smooth "throat hit".

As both VG, PG and other e-liquid variants continue to undergo more thorough testing, ProSmoke will always be in forefront of the market and choosing what we feel is the best solution for our customers.  Although both are currently used as the liquid base for e-cigarettes successfully in our industry, including in some of our flavorings, when given a choice between the PG chemical compound base and our vegetable based liquid, customers overwhelmingly choose ProSmoke!

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    [ panda]: best e cig on the market 01/04/2014 11:18 am

    ive tried them all, was sold on the vg only in the pro smoke...nice smoothe taste,doesnt burn a+ :)...just bought the medium nicotine, was at high,hopefully next shipment I get the low nicotine :)

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    [ Skyrena]: Eager New Customer 01/13/2013 03:50 pm

    I have done hours upon hours of research and of course marketing sells, But what sells better is a stellar product that people truly know is just that. I have not tried your product though the others I have tried I still am not sold on. The fact that your ecigs have a natural product as the base I anticipate will change my mind. I look forward and will report on the change and experience on be continued. Sky

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    [ Raider Phil]: Thank you for using VG only!!! 05/09/2012 11:40 am

    I am originally a customer of Pro Smoke. Came back to Pro Smoke recently after leaving for about 7 months because of battery and flavor issues. But I am back to Pro Smoke, during my time away I have tried about 5 other companies that use a combination of PG/VG. Only found 1 company that that has excellent combination but I personally have found that the VG helps me breathe better haviong been a smoker for 38 years. Now that Pro Smoke has omproved to GREAT Flavors and vastly improve batteries I am gald to say I am back. YOUR VG is the best Product on the market. PRO SMOKE is truly # 1 !!!!. Looking forward to Pro Smoke e juice bottles in the near future, there is a market demand for Superior VG juice that only Pro Smoke can offer!!!

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