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What is the ProSmoke product warranty and coverage?

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We have one of the best warranty on the market!  It is a 365 (1 Full Year Warranty) on all electronic components! It is guaranteed if purchased from our website, for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. If the product fails to operate satisfactorily, contact us here. This warranty and does not cover consumable items such as cartridges or atomizers more than 30 days from the purchase date.  You can read our full warranty information here.

The Details

All products, unless otherwise stated, are covered by the ProSmoke manufacturer's warranties. Within 12 months, we will repair or replace, at our sole discretion, any product that is deemed to have manufacturer defects.  Consumable components, such as cartridges, are typically not covered unless defective.  If a customer has issues with cartridges, the must be retained if the Returns Department requires the items to be sent back for inspection.  As such, atomizers are also considered consumable items and covered 30 days from purchase against manufacturer defects. 

All return merchandise must be in like-new condition for a replacement or refund.  You are able to refill the cartridges, but if this is the cause for battery or atomizer damage, this will void your warranty as well.  For example, if in 6 months your battery is not performing 100% and it has scratches and dents all over it that might have caused the issue, you will be charged for the replacement at our discretion for the cost of the product at the time.  ProSmoke uses the highest quality processes to attach the finish on our product and items such as scratched or chipped product caused by mishandling is not covered by our warranty.  Exchanges as a whole, or for a single component are limited to 3 maximum.  Cartridges, whether purchase on their own or with a starter kit, are never eligible for return due to manufacturing and sanitary health regulations ProSmoke holds and abides by. 

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Disposable electronic cigarette products purchased in-store will only hold warranty as expressed by that establishment and not ProSmoke.  Disposable products purchased from our store online hold no warranty and are purchased as-is with no implied or express warranty.  Other aspects of ProSmoke's regular Warranty, Terms & Condition's of usage, Disclaimers, and Liability of Usage all still apply to Disposable products.

Full Warranty Information and Process

We have a lot of options and processes to assist our customers in making any RMA or product issues extremely easy and straight forward to resolve. To see the full warranty details for all RMA options and to see how claims are processed, please view our official warranty page here: E-Cigarette Warranty

All users who purchase or use any ProSmoke product agree to the warranty and Terms and Conditions set forth on this website. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. From time to time in our sole discretion, we will notify you of important changes of these Terms and Conditions if applicable.  Updated Terms and Conditions, including warranty information, can be requested any time by contacting customer service.
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