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Can I use e-liquid to refill my e-cigarette cartridges?

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Absolutely!  Tons of research has gone into making our cartridges e-liquid the best on the market and designed specifically for the ProSmoke's atomizer and battery and giving you maximum flavor, vapor and safety.  Not only is the e-liquid the best rated on the market and provides the best performance with our system, but the pre-filled cartridges offer high capacity without the need to fumble around with e-liquids and the hassle of refilling.

For those who still wish to use a different e-liquid, you can refill the e-cigarette cartridges with the liquid of your choice!  As mentioned, we do not use propylene glycol as the base of our cartridge solution, which is typically the main ingredient in these e-liquids.

If refilling your cartridges, please ensure it is done so properly and to the correct capacity levels of the reservoir.  Overfilling can cause battery damage which will ruin the battery void the battery warranty.

We currently do not offer our e-liquid as a standalone product.  If you would like any recommendations please contact customer support via the website.

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    [ PITTSBURGH BUD]: KUDOS LILY / CS MANAGER 01/29/2013 03:05 am

    ***** For your alacritous response to my questions. The lenth of the time that you spent typing it for little old me was most appreciated. Five more ***** for speed !

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