Why is my e-Cigarette or vaporizer is making bubbling gurgling weird sound?

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Why is my electronic cigarette or vaporizer is making a bubbling, gurgling, popping, or weird sound when I inhale?

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If you get a bubbling, gurgling, popping or similar weird sound when you inhale on the electronic cigarette, this is completely normal with a fresh cartridge and is the sound of liquid being vaporized by the atomizer during inhalation.   We have very high capacity cartridges and it will subside almost immediately when the solution inside the cartridge starts to be used.

If you are refilling your own cartridges and this is occurring continually, this indicates that there is too much E-Juice in the atomizer for it to properly vaporize. To solve this, simply remove the atomizer from the battery and cartridge. Then blow into the atomizer's threaded end onto a paper towel or napkin to remove the excess E-Liquid. Take care not to get E-Juice in your mouth while blowing. You can then re-assemble your electronic cigarette to begin using your ProSmoke e-cigarette again.

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    [ bitchnigga]: gargling ecig 09/28/2013 12:46 pm

    when this happens to me which is quite often, blowing into the atomizer is PROBABLY a better idea than what i do. but i simply just vape it until it goes away. and it always does. if your a lazy ass like me.

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