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I do not taste much flavor when using my e-cigarette. How can I fix this?

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If you are just starting with e-cigarettes and have been a heavy smoker, we call this "Smokers Syndrome".  It is the initial period that heavy smokers have when starting with e-cigarettes and through the absence of traditional cigarettes, start to get a much better sense of taste and smell again.  Most users typically experience this for about a week when transitioning into electronic cigarettes.

When starting to use your electronic cigarette for the first time, there is also a break in period for the atomizer. Most users say you start getting the most out of your atomizer after a few days of good usage.  This is when you'll get the most flavor and vapor from your e-cigarette!

Stepping up nicotine levels typically will increase the throat hit and flavor a little since the percentage of ingredients changes as the levels vary.

If you are switching the cartridges with different flavors quite often and wish to see instructions for rinsing flavors off your atomizer, please check here.

Our cartridges are very flavorful and you should be tasting the great robust flavors we have to offer! 

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    [sandy]: Taste 02/28/2013 01:30 pm

    Monica, thank you for the fast response. I am placing my order tomorrow. I have done a lot of research on e-smokes and I do realize that their are no studies of long term use or acumulation up in the lungs. I know I am taking a risk. I also know I am the queen of quitting ane the best I have done in almost a decade of illness, is 7 months. I always blow it when I drink. I hate to admit it, but I like to get drunk every month or two. I dont have a drink or two, ever. I have a night. Those nights have blown it for me every time I have tried to quit smoking. I will be getting drunk on 3-15, my big 50 and this pro smoke could save my lfe. Then again, it could take it, REAL DOUBTFUL, but in the end, I have made an educated CHOICE, Thank you so much for your concern and your best wishes for my health. May God bless you.

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