Checkout and credit card errors when buying e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

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I am getting an AVS Error, Address error, or other error when trying to check out. What do I do?

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To protect against credit card fraud, the billing address you input during the registration process is compared to the address your credit or debit card issuer uses for verification purposes. You may receive an Address Verification Service (AVS) error even though the billing address you input exactly matches the address on your credit or debit card statement. This is because many credit and debit card issuers subscribe to a service that maintains cardholder address information for fraud prevention purposes. Your card issuer is responsible for supplying and updating this information, and your verification address may not be updated.

When processing your registration, if your card issuer notifies us that the address you input does not match its verification address, you are not registered and you will not be charged for the transaction. However, you may have a "pending" line item for the charge amount on your statement. Your bank will cancel this pending item in a few days according to its schedule.

If you receive an AVS error on our website, there are a few things you can do to try to complete the registration:

-Ensure that the billing address you supplied is exactly the same as your card issuer’s verification address. If you recently moved try your previous address.
-Your card issuer may not have updated its records or notified the verifier of any changes. Contact your issuer to ensure that the verification address (as opposed to the mailing address) has been updated.
-Try a different credit/debit card.

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