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Are ProSmoke's e-cigarette products, cartridges, or accessories compatible with other brands?

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Each component of the ProSmoke system has been engineered and designed to work together for the absolute top performance.  Unlike other companies which just slap a logo on someone else product and design, we have thousands of hours of research and development for each single component.  This makes sure that you get consistent performance that is better than the competition! 

Since we keep our prices so low, you never need to worry about compatibility.  You will be unable to use any other brands with the ProSmoke as well as unable to use ProSmoke parts on other products such as Blu Cigs, Greensmoke, V2 Cigs, South Beach Smokes, NJoy, Safecig, SmokeTip, Apollo, Vapor King, eSmoke, Volcano e-cigs, Vapor4Life, Cirrus, EonSmoke, Smoke Frii, No. 7, AmericSmoke, Zero Cig, Eco Cigs, Cloud 9, Smoke Stick, Luci, generic Chinese models such as the 510, 808 and more.

You CAN use e-liquid from other vaping brands or e-cig companies with your ProSmoke product!

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    [Reed K]: Read this if trying to use with other brands! 02/15/2012 05:52 am

    WOW ProSmoke is better than my Greensmoke! I bought cartridge from prosmoke hoping they would work with my greensmoke but they are totally different. Then after doing some research, some message forums said it might be what they called an m series so I bought parts for that. None of them worked and I wasted *censored* trying to get all different brands.

    I contacted customer support and they told me what i needed to buy to have a complete kit from them and I couldnt be happier. This outperforms every single brand I have tried or seen and wish I would have bought it in the first place and saved some *censored*!

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