E-Cigarette Vaporizer cartridge lifespan and longevity fix

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I am experiencing short e-cigarette cartridge life, why is this and what can I do to resolve it?

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Our cartridges have quite a large capacity so getting a short cartridge life might be a contribution of different factors.  Things that could possibly decrease your cartridge life are:

  • Leaving cartridges open, with no cork after removing them from their sealed package or assembled e-cigarette.
  • If in a very harsh climate, this can contribute to the liquid evaporating or drying quicker than wanted in the cartridge.
  • If you travel frequently with your electronic cigarette, it is important to use a portable case or portable charging case.  Transporting the assembled electronic cigarette without a case can cause it to be engaged unintentionally with airflow being moved through the unit, such as in a shirt or pants pocket.
  • Infrequent usage can also be the cause of short cartridge life.  If you are not using the unit for extended periods, typically more than a day, you should ensure your cigarette is stored inside a portable case or the cartridge is removed and sealed with the cork.  Although this will still reduce the cartridge life, properly sealing it will greatly increase the life of the cartridge.
  • Your smoking style can also contribute to not experiencing the same amount of inhalations or "puffs" that an e-cigarette is rated.  The industry rates regular cigarettes as 10 puffs, so depending on your smoking style, you might experience shorter or greater life than expected from a cartridge.

Our manufacturing equipment ensures cartridges are completely filled and our ColorID cork system not only identifies the flavor but keeps them fresh longer.

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