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Is there atomizer troubleshooting steps available?

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There are many common steps to troubleshoot atomizer issues and determine if and when a replacement is needed.

1. Replace the blank cartridge the unit is shipped with and installed a new cartridge before you get started with your unit.  If you have been using your unit already, ensure a new cartridge is installed on the unit.

2. Many times, if a customer is not using a case, debris can enter the unit causing an obstruction and preventing the atomizer from fully vaporizing the liquid inside the cartridge.  Check the unit for obstruction in the atomizer and blow it out with deep breath? You can also rotate the new cartridge after it is placed on the atomizer, this can ensure it is getting good contact and does not have an obstruction. Like any e-cig manufacturer, we do not recommend taking it off until it is fully used since the wick that holds the solution comes with contact of the atomizer and can dislodge if removed to early. So be sure to remove it carefully so you do not ruin the cartridge when removing it from the atomizer.

3. Ensure the cartridge is properly contacting the atomizer. To do this, you can find a paper-clip and gently place the end into the inhalation hole (The small one) and very gently press and move the internal reservoir forward slightly (1 mm or barely at all). Since our cartridges our such high capacity, some users have inadvertently pressed the cartridge contents back when troubleshooting their unit. Please ensure you do this gently and only slightly forward. Once the contents make contact with the atomizer, you will not have to do this again.

4. If this still has not resolved it, disassemble the unit completely (unscrew battery and atomizer and remove the cartridge from the atomizer) and run your atomizer under warm water and give it a brisk blow to dislodge any obstruction and let air dry completely (This can take up to 8 hours to dry and we recommend blowing it out and letting it sit over night). Sometimes during cartridge changes, you can unintentionally get some blockage in the atomizer. This typically solves most performance issues.  Only perform this step if others are unsuccessful.

5. Sometimes, a user can unknowingly cause blockage between the material inside the cartridge and the atomizer. Some users failed to remove the plastic cap or fail to remove the plastic wrapper completely or try to install the cartridge with the ColorID cork still on the cartridge, which should be removed prior to installation. Please check that nothing is obstructing between the two.

8. Please make sure there is no obstruction on the battery connection that might cause it to not have full contact.

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