Dry mouth or sore throat using e-cigarettes & vaporizers.

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My throat is sore and mouth seem very dry after starting to smoke my e-cigarette. Is this normal?

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This is completely normal while getting started with electronic cigarettes.  The chemical properties of the e-liquids used to produce the vapor are what is called humectants. Humectants have the ability to draw in and retain moisture from the air or surfaces.  Our vegetable based solution is much less aggressive at removing moisture from the throat but some users still experience dryness when getting started. 

When the vapor enters your throat, it can remove moisture from the air and surfaces it contacts such as your throat and mouth;  Almost like a sponge.

To resolve a dry or irritated throat when using an e-cigarette, we recommend drinking plenty of water before, during and after your electronic cigarette usage.  This will ensure it stays hydrated as your body gets used to smoking electronic cigarettes.

If you are experiencing significant discomfort, dryness or pain, we recommend you discontinue use of the product immediately and contact a physician with your concerns.

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    [Carley]: bwebIsqcUGNeRp 03/28/2013 05:07 pm

    Great insight! That's the anwesr we've been looking for.

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