Should you still charge your e-cigarette battery if it's already charged?

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My battery charger turned green right away during my initial charge, do I still need to leave the battery on the charger for 8 hours?

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We do recommend the priming charge for an extended length of time for the initial charge only, despite the charging indicator turning green.  Please note since all components are tested prior to shipment, your batteries will already have an initial charge and might indicate a full charge with a green light earlier than expected. This is completely normal since the components are tested prior to shipment and although the 8 hour charge is not required to start smoking , it is highly recommended.

What’s the difference between a normal (formatting) and priming charge? Both address capacities that are not optimized and can be corrected with cycling. Formatting completes the manufacturing process and occurs naturally during early usage when the battery is being cycled processed and tested for each order. Priming, on the other hand, is a conditioning cycle that is applied as a service tool to improve battery performance during usage, prolonged period of not being used, or extreme temperatures that might occur during shipment. 

Our lithium-ion batteries are the best in the business and do not require a priming charge but it is recommended for first use and the best performance.  Subsequent charges will only take an hour or so.

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    [Nicolas]: SOLVED MY BATTERY LIFE RIGHT AWAY! THANKS! 06/18/2013 07:57 pm

    I just started using my cigs right away when the got here and had issues with their life and after contacting support (who was SUPER quick to get back to me) instructed me about the first charge...I was stupid and didnt even look at directions or the little card thingy with the stop sign.

    it solved my battery life and cartridge life issues right away. be aware the cartridges dont need to be changed when u change the battery. i ddint read about this either.

    otherwise i am SO happy with my prosmoke. Thank you guys!

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