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Can I get caffeine in my e-cigarette or electronic cigarette cartridges caffeinated?

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We do not offer any products with caffeine or related substances (We do offer 6 different nicotine levels).

There are a few reasons for this:

The additional concern of adding stimulants to our product without proper study or information just for the sake of saying we have it is NEVER something ProSmoke would do.  There is already the concern about similar situations and we only provide the best products to our customers. A good example of the recent FDA concern for caffeinated products can be found here:

The second is the ability to use it properly. Caffeine does not evaporate, it sublimes. Which means it goes straight from a solid to gas at around 350 degrees. This is different than the traditional solid-liquid-gas for traditional ingredients.

The third concern is absorption efficiency. Vapor is absorbed into the body differently than a combustible cigarette and is absorbed through contact, not through the lungs like normal inhalation of smoke. Whether or not caffeine can be efficiently absorbed from a vapor state is not well studied.

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