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My international order says NO-Nicotine but I ordered nicotine.

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Don't worry, your order has shipped with the nicotine level you originally ordered!

As we communicate in the shipping confirmation email of all International orders, some might state NO NICOTINE on the invoice, despite it being the correct level that you purchased. We understand this can be confusing, so please read on to learn more about why this happens.

We have a dedicated group of facilities for shipping International orders and when those were opened, the shipments leaving those specific facilities were typically non-nicotine and the printed the invoices stated as such.  As we grew into a global organization with worldwide fulfillment, those facilities started to handle more and more countries, shipping both nicotine and non-nicotine orders.

In order to accommodate those new shipping locations, we have added a simple sticker identification system to help customers identify and confirm their orders contents easily.  The sticker colors are:

Nicotine LevelSticker Color

 None (0 mg)

'NONE' Sticker

 Low (8mg)


 Medium (14mg)


 High (18mg)


 Extra High (22mg)

 Neon/Bright Orange

 Super Extra High (28mg)

 Neon/Bright Yellow



Please note the ONLY time your order would be shipped with no nicotine is when it was ordered by the customer.  All cartridges with no nicotine will have a big 'NONE' sticker on the front of the cartridge pack.  If there is no big sticker that says NONE, then your cartridges are NOT zero nicotine.

We are also proud to have a 99.998% accurate shipping record since September 2011; when we opened our newest shipping facilities.  All orders are verified twice prior to shipment, including testing, and are even video taped and catalogued automatically during the process.  We are excited to have the fastest and most accurate shipping in the market place.  Should you have any questions, please contact our customer support desk on the website.

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