Information about toxic metals and toxicity of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers.

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Are the news and reports that e-cigarettes contain toxic metals true?

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Are the news and reports that e-cigarettes contain toxic metals true?

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"The reports that there are studies that show potential health risks due to e-cigarette use are premature.  In spite of what has been reported, the studies done to date have not only been largely inconclusive but have actually found that the levels of contaminants detected in e-cigarette liquid and vapor are so low that it is highly doubtful they would even pose a health risk. Most certainly, they are thousands of times less of a risk than continuing to smoke. The fact is, the mere "detection" of a chemical does not mean that a product is hazardous. Every day we harmlessly consume and breathe in chemicals that would be toxic at much higher levels. It is disingenuous for public health organizations that disapprove of e-cigarettes to point to the trace levels found in e-cigarette studies as conclusive evidence of a potential health risk.

Dr. Igor Burstyn, of Drexel University, reviewed all of the available chemistry on e-cigarette vapor and liquid and found that the levels reported — even in those studies that were hyped as showing there is a danger — are well below the level that is of concern. His report was peer-reviewed and published January 2014 on Bio Med Central's Public Health Journal: "Peering through the mist: systematic review of what the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes tells us about health risks"

In 2011, The FDA issued a statement regarding the approved smoking cessation drug Chantix, which has been linked to over 500 deaths, suicidal tendencies, and heart attacks. The FDA stated that "the drug’s benefits outweigh the risks."  E-cigarettes have been on the market nearly as long as Chantix, without reports of significant adverse reactions or deaths. Studies have shown that while chemicals have been detected, they are too low to pose any significant health risks and are certainly far less exposure than found in cigarette smoke. It is clear to anyone who reviews the more than 60 available studies on e-cigarette liquids and vapor that the benefits of e-cigarettes also "far outweigh the risks."

As an electronic cigarette company, the FDA prevents all companies from making any health claims or related health benefit statements. There are assumed risks that all customers accept when using our electronic cigarette products that might include health risks, toxic chemicals and more. Please do your research and read through more of our FAQ to find out more.

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