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Can I vape indoors?

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Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers can open up a whole new world for those that choose to go that path by providing a wide variety of flavors, nicotine levels and devices to select from. It also gives you a bit of more freedom about vaping indoors.

When the e-cigarette industry started out there were no rules in regards to where you could and could not use them. Nowadays there are places that will allow you to use e-cigarettes indoors, but there are also other that will not. Plenty of companies/businesses introduced their own rules for vaping indoors and majority of states now also have new laws in regards to indoor smoking, even outdoor smoking. Make sure you check in with a member of the staff before you vape somewhere new or keep an eye out for no vaping signs. The rule of thumb is if it’s a government office, school, public parks, and playgrounds the same laws apply to vaping as traditional cigarettes.

One of the advantages of vaping is that the vapor they produce won’t leave a lingering smell on your clothes, furniture or the car interior, so it’s advantageous to use them in enclosed spaces. The vapor that is created by vaping products dissipates in seconds and that is how it keep its surroundings odor free.

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