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1 Electronic Cigarette & Vaporizer Online Manual And Quick Start Guide Featured

GETTING STARTED Charging the ProSmoke Portable Charging Case: • Using the included USB cable, you can charge your charging case using the USB port on a computer or with the wall adapter included in the starter kit. • When the charging case is plugged…

2 How do I use my ProSmoke Electronic Cigarette & Vaporizer? Featured

ProSmoke products are very convenient and easy-to-use! When you are ready to use it, simply put it in your mouth and inhale. The cigarette automatically engages and turns off when done. There is nothing else to do but enjoy! GETTING STARTED Charging the ProSmoke…

3 Are ProSmoke's e-cigarette products, cartridges, or accessories compatible with other brands?

Each component of the ProSmoke system has been engineered and designed to work together for the absolute top performance. Unlike other companies which just slap a logo on someone else product and design, we have thousands of hours of research and development…

4 Can I charge my portable e-cigarette charging case and a battery at the same time?

You ARE able to charge the e-cigarette portable case with the provided cable while charging a battery at the same time with no issues.

5 Can I recycyle my e-cigarette battery?

ProSmoke is the only Green Certified company in the industry with recycled materials in their retail packaging and a partnership for proper battery disposal. You can recycle all of our batteries and product. We encourage you to help in our mission to help…

6 Do I need to fully charge my batteries for 8 hours the first time?

We do recommend the priming charge for an extended length of time for the initial charge only, despite the charging indicator turning green. Please note since all components are tested prior to shipment, your batteries will already have an initial charge…

7 How do I properly use an e-cigarette and vaporizer?

Figuring out e-cigarettes can be difficult for a new user. When you are so used to smoking a paper wrapped tobacco cigarette, with a filter, you can often get frustrated when trying your first e-cigarette. Many people actually get discouraged to the point…

8 How do I use my ProSmoke Portable Charging E-cigarette Case?

How to charge your ProSmoke Portable Charging Case: Using the included USB cable, you can charge your portable charging case with a computer or with the adapter included in the starter kit. We recommend an initial charge of 8 hours to fully prime the battery…

9 How long do atomizers last and when should I replace it?

Depending on your smoking style and e-cigarette care and maintenance, your atomizer will last up to 75,000 to 150,000 puffs. That is over twice as long as our nearest competitor! Regular maintenance and upkeep can keep your atomizer going for months and months…

10 I am international, live in the UK or outside of the United States, does your wall charger work where I live?

All Starter kits come with a wall plug and USB cable designed to work together to charge the unit by plugging it into a wall or USB equipped device. The wall plug is designed for U.S. sockets and not abroad. Since the USB charging cable is universal to USB…

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