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What is e-liquid steeping?

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Steeping, in the e-cigarette and vaping world, is a term that refers to the process of aging your e-liquid in order to modify its flavor profile. It is somewhat of a misleading term since steeping is normally referring to placing a solid of some sort into a liquid in order to modify or extract flavors from it. Kind of like making tea, cold press coffee, or marinating meats.

Steeping e-liquids is the simple process of letting it age to achieve better flavor. There are quite a bit of ways that consumers will do this but the most common way is simply to let is sit over time. Letting the e-liquids sit for longer periods of time allows the different blends of ingredients, base liquids and flavorings to fully combine over time. It can also allow any ingredients that can evaporate easily and quickly to do so, leaving behind a stronger flavor and blend of liquid. There are a lot of slang terms for it in the vaping community with terms like streathing, breathing, aging and relaxing. Some of which are done differently but have the same goal of improving your e-liquids flavor profile.

The good news about ProSmoke and steeping is that you never have to worry about doing this with ProSmoke products. Our liquid is already blended, aged and ready to go when you purchase our cartridges. You will get great flavor every time and never have to worry about waiting for your own e-liquid to steep or get better over time.

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