Avoid e-cigarette companies charging you automatically each month.

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Do you auto-charge customers each month or have e-cig subscriptions on your electronic cigarette products?

Author: ProSmoke Electronic Cigarettes Views: 1073028 Created: 04/28/2017 12:37 pm 100% Rating / 99 Voters

Unlike many competitors, ProSmoke is up front about all costs and never hides any subscriptions or future purchase requirements from the customer.  You only order when YOU are ready.  ProSmoke will never sign you up for any type of purchase subscription or have similar hidden costs. 

After all, we all have different smoking habits, why should you be forced to buy e-cigarette products when you do not need them.

Not only are we up front about pricing, but we have one of the lowest costs of ownership in the industry.  Just another reason ProSmoke is the best e-cigarette available.

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