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There is a sponge or cotton like material stuck to my atomizer, what is this?

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There is a material inside of each flavored cartridge that holds the liquid solution that is vaporized by the atomizer when "smoking".  It almost looks like a sponge or squishy material and what we call the "wick".  It is specially designed with unique materials to hold the e-liquid inside the cartridge to be vaporized for smoking.

If removing the cartridge before it is totally used, please use caution and be gentle since the sponge like material does have the capability to get caught to the atomizer and be pulled from the flavored cartridge.  If removed from the cartridge, it can be placed back in carefully but you will lose some of the liquid in addition to causing excess liquid to possibly leak into the cartridge and your mouth.  This is why we only recommend changing or removing the cartridge once it is totally used.  If doing so prior to the cartridge being used, please do so very gently

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