Mixing E-cigarette flavors and other vaporizer e-liquid taste issues.

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It tastes like a different flavor or the last flavor I used when I smoke my e-cigarette. How do I fix this?

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As your atomizer continues to break in while you start to use your ProSmoke, you will notice better throat hits, more flavor and better performance.  If you are getting a flavor that is different than your cartridge currently on your ProSmoke e-cigarette, it is because there is still flavor from your previous cartridge that was being used.  This will eventually resolve itself by vaporizing the flavor that was previously on the unit and start on the contents of your current cartridge.  Although we do not recommend using this method to be done frequently, if you wish to resolve it immediately, you can rinse it by removing the atomizer from the battery and cartridge and rinsing it under lukewarm water. Then let the atomizer air dry completely for a few hours. The drying process can sometimes take longer so if the atomizer is still wet, you can give it a brisk blow and let air dry until it functions.

Please note rinsing should only be done if required and most flavors will be vaporized off the atomizer after short usage, allowing you to enjoy the new cartridges flavor or nicotine level.

You can also purchase an extra atomizer to be used for each different flavor so you don't have to worry about switching flavors.

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