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21 My e-cigarette portable case wont stay closed.

To make the portable carrying case latch more securely, the metal retaining clip can be bent up with something hard, like a spoon. Be sure to be careful not to bend it too much and bend in small increments until you are satisfied it's secure.

22 My e-cigarette vaporizer battery isn't working. Is there troubleshooting steps?

Most e-cigarette battery issues can be resolved easily with some common troubleshooting steps. 1. Please ensure the batteries were charged for the initial 8 hour priming charge. Normal charging will only take an hour or so but the first should be 8 hours…

23 My electronic cigarette is making a loud noise, whistling or high pitched sound when I inhale. Is something wrong?

If you get a whistling, high pitched sound, or similar sound when you inhale on the electronic cigarette, this is completely normal with a fresh cartridge and brand new unit and is the sound of the air being drawn in through the sides of the atomizer during…

24 My order is incomplete or something is missing. Can you help?

Most missing components are typically overlooked inside the package since it can be placed in various sections of the shipment (Such as inside the accessory and charger case box). Great care has gone into the packaging and shipping process at ProSmoke. Not…

25 My throat is sore and mouth seem very dry after starting to smoke my e-cigarette. Is this normal?

This is completely normal while getting started with electronic cigarettes. The chemical properties of the e-liquids used to produce the vapor are what is called humectants. Humectants have the ability to draw in and retain moisture from the air or surfaces.…

26 There is a sponge or cotton like material stuck to my atomizer, what is this?

There is a material inside of each flavored cartridge that holds the liquid solution that is vaporized by the atomizer when "smoking". It almost looks like a sponge or squishy material and what we call the "wick". It is specially designed with unique materials…

27 What do the different support ticket status' or colors indicate?

What do the different support ticket status' or colors indicate? OPEN We have received your support ticket and customer service will respond shortly ON HOLD Customer Service has responded to your ticket AWAITING RESPONSE Customer Service has responded to…

28 When I use the e-cigarette it tastes bad, burnt, like plastic or like metal. How can I fix this?

If you are getting a burnt or metallic taste, this is caused by engaging the atomizer with the blank cartridge on before replacing it or by engaging it with a dry/used cartridge. This can be resolved easily by removing the atomizer from the battery and cartridge…

29 Why can I still charge my e-cigarette battery more on the home/usb charger after charging with the portable charging case?

The charging case typically charges a battery to around 95% or more of its total capacity to indicate it is fully charged. Since the charging capacity of the battery case, compared to a powered plug, is less efficient, the case will determine when it is most…

30 Why is my ColorID cork a different color than my flavor?

ColorID is an industry-exclusive system that allows customers to identify a cartridge flavor just by the color of its cork. Recently our supplier of rubber for the corks was unable to provide colored medical grade materials in the quantities that we needed.…

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